Skanex’s Point Repair method is approved by government agencies world-wide.   This option can be performed in as little as 2 hours, and in most cases does not require by-pass pumping.  Our technical field staff can provide multiple sectional point repairs in your collection system from manhole to manhole or inlet to outlet.


As stated above, in most cases the point repair cures in less than 2 hours.  

Point repairs, just like full length CIPP liners, are structurally independent of the host pipe.  There is no need to dig to perform these installs.

This process typically requires a single vehicle parked in close proximity to a manhole or access point.

A point repair is a simply a short section of CIPP full length liner.  The liner material exhibits a higher corrosion resistance compared to host pipe materials like: clay, cast iron, or corrugated metal pipe.

If there is a single section in the pipe that is broken, and the remainder of the section is in good condition, then only rehabilitating one section is a significant cost savings over a full length liner

The packer (device which installs the repair into place) is winched (pulled) into the required repair area through manhole access or inlet/outlet.

Point repairs are jointless, and have the same thickness throughout the entire length of the repair.

Point repairs will aid in eliminating water infiltration and roots.  If the intent is to fully seal the point repair, grout should be included at each end of the point repair as well.



The point repair system can repair damaged pipe and restore the sewer to its original capacity.  This rehabilitation option can save our customers 50% or more compared to conventional methods.

In most cases, it is not necessary to stop flow into the section of pipe that requires a point repair.  The packers that we use to install point repairs have a flow through design so the live sewer can continue to be active.

Typical Applications:

  • 4” – 36” pipe diameters
  • Crown failure
  • Cracked Pipe
  • Offset and open joint repairs
  • Bridging of missing pipe