A Point Repair refers to a straight section of pipe without laterals.  Lateral Lining still re-lines a section of pipe and has a cured-in -place portion that goes up into the lateral as well.  These can be installed in two ways: pull in place (winch) or push in place (robotically).


This is a continuous point repair; that has the same thickness from the beginning to the end of the repair, as well as the same thickness going up into the lateral.

If there are roots present in the proximity of the lateral inside the host pipe, they are trimmed prior to installs and then re-lined.

Full length liners, point repairs, and lateral liners all prevent water from coming into the pipe (infiltration) and water exiting the line (exfiltration).

These are structurally independent, and are ideal for a broken/cracked pipe section.  Once the section is relined, the potential for collapse is eliminated.


During installation there are no piles of excavated dirt, traffic, or citizens complaining about the disruption.

Millions of linear CIPP materials have been installed nationwide.  They withstand every corrosive environment, and the test of time.  Our customers experience significant cost savings because excavation is eliminated.