Skanex’s pipe bursting rehabilitation method is used for the replacement of gas, water, sewer, telephone, and power utility lines.  Pipe bursting efficiently bursts clay, cast iron, and PVC pipe.  Ideal for aging utility systems located in congested areas such as municipalities, city centers, manufacturing facilities, and industrial plants.


By choosing pipe bursting, you provide yourself the opportunity to upsize your pipe without digging up the entire section.

If there is a part of the pipe that is collapsed, you can pipe burst through that failed section.

HDPE is pulled into place, and is acceptable for use in water mains.

If there is a building or other structure on top of a line on the ground level which would not allow excavation to be an option, there is the option of bursting through.


The process uses a constant tension winch to guide the pipe bursting tool through the host pipe.  The rear expander displaces host pipe fragments into the surrounding soil, while the tool pulls in the new polyethylene pipe.  This rehab option generally costs less than the conventional full open-cut replacement.

Note: In most cases excavation pits at each end of the pipe would be required.